cheers and confettis for us – for all those chorale Lagunenses who joyfully participated in this first ever festival


Greetings for my Sleuth Pal


Hooray for today!

A happy happy birthday to my dearest & loveliest friend slash co-classmate slash sister slash cutie slash partner-in-crime slash funny watching and hearing fellow slash sleuth pal slash fellow fan and yeah!

That is you Noemiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
No one else but you =)))))))))

Enjoy the day you first felt the warmth of your mother’s embrace and the love that overflowed deep down til now… and forever.

Wishes, prayers, and love for you. x

Yep! It’s Finn and Jake!

Yep! It's Finn and Jake!

Last night, while browsing some photos of Finn and Jake (for the Finnvasion thingy that bro wanted to join in — but in the end, he didn’t join — hahaha) in Google, that photo on top really nailed my attention. It’s so very cute and all! X3

A big hand to ~Pasuteru-Usagi *clap clap clap*.

Hmmm… How will I ever learn to draw like that? How? When? And where? Tell me! T﹏T

A big thanks to you Pasuteru for that very beautiful Finn and Jake. Very nice man. Can you also draw Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball for me? :D//

Check out more drawings from no other than Pasuteru-Usagi:


Play it on. ♫

Play it on. ♫

Keyboard. This has to be it. This has to be the instrument that I will fully learn someday, sometime, somewhere.
Or… there will be no instrument that I’ll ever learn to play with. T﹏T

Actually, I play with this already. But really, I don’t know what notes I’m pressing on. Just the basic C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C and their minors. No basic education ’bout it and the like.

I don’t know but I really need a mentor, not just depending on the internet just like how I learned to play “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore. And I can only play that from the Intro up to Chorus only (& using my right hand only *toinks*).

See? Haha. But still I had fun playing with it, though I’m less than a beginner. Hahaha.

I just hope that, before the next year, before my dear friend’s birthday, I know how to play “Only Hope”. Full. ☺