Game as Life

Do you ever wonder if life is really a game? Do you somehow play it fairly and whole-heartedly? Do you follow the rules properly in which you can excel to the next level? Do you find life’s intention, purpose, and goal? Along with all these questions, rules, and regulations in this world we are living at, you should be able to survive and succeed in life.



            The moment you stepped on the ground where you came from, you already belong to one of the many players who aspire to win in life. According to a movie entitled The Legend of Bagger Vance, it inferred that the game is the one that only you were meant to play and is the one that was given to you when you came into this world. You should take your stance and don’t hold nothing back. Give it everything. Each one of us is given a chance to live life our own way and to play it well significantly.

In a game, there are rules and consequences to be acquired. It’s the same thing in life. For you to win there are steps to be followed. These steps are to know your purpose, get good education, build your character, work hard, love and be loved, follow your heart, and aim for your goal. But just like in a game, you will never always prevail and take the next level in just one go.

Life has many ins and outs, ups and downs, wrong turns and right ones, and then sometimes, you will end up failing. But that doesn’t matter. All these are just obstacles that will keep you strong and determined. What if you are just one-way through to the last level but you failed, didn’t try again, and completely gave up? You should not worry about losing. Trying again will never hurt you. Remember that you can always restart the game you’re on, learn from the mistakes you made, move on, continue until you have mastered it and you will find yourself smiling until the end.

Yes. Life is a game. The world is the game board. You are the player. If you know how to play it, then you’re on the right track. Just enjoy, have fun, get a lot of courage and faith in it. A quote made by Goethe once struck my mind. He said that if you just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. Some people say that reality is the worst game ever. They are wrong. Prove to them that they are wrong. Start, go, and get your right tools and armors and fight for your dream, reach your goal, and grab your success.


So, are you halfway there to your finish line?


Minam, why is your heart pounding?

Just finished watching the episode five of You’re Beautiful. And I just love how the ending went on. : ) While viewing the entire ep, I printscreened some of the scenes so I can post them here.


Taekyung’s reaction when he saw Minam dressed up as a girl. ^ ^


Taekyung decided that Minam should go back to their apartment and not to have the interviews since (according to him — haha) she can’t focus now because of the news she found about her mom. And so, he made her get dressed by their stylist so no one will notice her when she get out of the place.


And just like every story has, there’s that antagonist making things undeniably worse and cool. Haha (that’s Mr. Kim, reporter).


Jeremy made Minam watch their first variety show the three ever showed up.

Archangels. It’s the meaning of A.N.Jell.


Taekyung got in an awkward situation where Minam laughed so hard when she watched him do the thing. Hahaha.

Give me the radish.


Who are you giving your hands to when I’m not looking?


And that scene where Jeremy almost fell down but thanks to Minam’s save-hug and he didn’t. Now he kept on thinking about that hug, and really feels weird about it. ôヮô


How cute and all are they spending the day together. :3


While, here’s Shinwoo, left behind. He was supposed to be with Minam. : (


Funny when he persistently told her that there isn’t only one ice cream shop in the place that’s why they’re not lost (but they’re actually lost — continually stopping by that yummy shop).

Someone said, when you really want something, you will get it.

Minam was like “what?” when he said that. Then Taekyung added, “So just trust and follow me.” XD

But they finally found the place. Whew.


And for the very first time, Taekyung made that smile to Minam. ≧◡≦


She can’t determine why in the morning glow was her heart pounding oddly.

Why is my heart pounding? Is it because I walked a lot?


Minam’s got to transfer to Taekyung’s room. Because her aunt needs a room by herself since she’s a woman and since she does not know anything about the situation. And Manager Ma reminded Minam that if Taekyung made that eyes again (the one on the photo Mngr. Ma’s imitating — haha), she has no choice but to use…


This. This electrifying thing. Hahaha. Funny Mngr. Ma. 〃^∇^)ノ


As for the ending of the episode, Minam electrified herself by accident. And slept on Taekyung without him noticing. Cute. ≧◡≦

So, Go Mi Nam, tell me exactly why your heart is pounding that unusual feeling?

And You Would Never Feel…

How would you ever know the feeling of a broken heart?

When in fact, yours is a little too smart.

Too smart that you don’t recognize the little half smiles,

the little pain you bring every time you come near,

and I don’t really know how to get away from this fear.

This feeling that scarred me deeply,

to forget is just too slippery.

When will you ever see the truth behind all lies.

Tell me..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

I think there is no need to travel to eye on the wonders of nature if you can experience it in your own garden yard.


[photo courtesy of me :)]

Yep! That’s our garden over there.

But there seems to be something wrong in the picture. In this quietsome place, there you see a toy T-rex resting on down the lower-left corner. Hmm… What is this dinosaur exactly doing there?

Actually, my mom put it there months ago. It looks like she crept up of some materials to place designs in our garden. So, she just used left toys of my brother since he does not want them to end up in trash bags. Clever, mom! ☺ But I really do not know why in the morning glow did mom put it there. Haha!

Take a closer look to bro’s toy-toy dino! Rawr!!!


~ ~ ~

The Episode 5 of YB

Finally! I’m going to watch it (again — hahaha)!
You’re Beautiful ep 5. Well… if not tomorrow, on Monday eve. If not on that night, on Friday night. And if not on….. Whatever day it is I’m definitely going to finish this ep this week! Yay for that! : )

Lemme see Taekyung’s new hairdo.
And… what’s this? Is he starting to like Minam?

The answer will be… *processing*
A.N.jells over there! Come and watch with me. : )

Fly like the angels~