Closer Look

Closer Look

Me eyeing something.

It’s cool.
Spent an hour at sci lab making out with my research experiment.



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From Traditions to Innovations: Achieving Economic Stability Through Advancements in the Philippine Agricultural Setting


Philippines has always been an agricultural country back then, and still is. Most citizens still live in rural areas, make living, and support themselves through agriculture.

The country’s agriculture sector is composed of 4 sub-sectors namely: farming, fishery, forestry, and livestock which, according to a nation’s encyclopedia site, employ 39.8 percent of the labor force and contribute 20 percent of GDP.

Way back, Filipino farmers, fishermen, and other individuals made progress in the society by just working on with their bare hands and feet. The traditional way are being practiced and solemnly, their own skills and knowledge have brought them to work on that field in the society; in the agricultural setting of our country.

Traditions in the agriculture array obviously have no technology or somewhat advancements involved. It’s just pure craft and ability of the farmers and others who make living out of their work. But since time passes and generation progresses, a spectacle of advancements in technology have outbursted the economic growth in the agricultural setting.

From the said traditions, they made way to innovations. Innovations that moved workers in a faster and higher pace. The innovations made help the farmers to do their work, plant crops, prevent pests by pesticides and herbicides usages, using fertilizers, and yield the best crops. The innovations created help the fishermen do their work by having larger boats and even wholesome nets to catch fishes and all sorts of seafood.

By these ways, they make improvements in the economic status of our country. Also, the Philippines’ main agricultural crops like rice, corn, sugarcane, coconut, pineapple, bananas, and coffee are being exported around the world, resulting in the increase of our economic rate.

In an absolute point of view, the innovations are continually establishing and achieving the economic stability through advancements in the Philippine agriculture setting.


I’m good at that! Faking my own death. XD

unequally yoked

I couldn’t breathe.

I felt my body being pulled out of the water and onto a backboard. I heard the Velcro of the neck brace pull apart just before someone lifted my head and stabilized my neck.

My eyes squeezed shut.

Sounds of whistles blowing and worried voices filled the air. I tried not to move.

“Has anyone called for an ambulance?” I heard one lifeguard shout to another. “Yeah, they’re on their way,” the response.

Stay still, just a little longer. You can do this.

“Okay, everyone calm down this is just a drill. Carrie, you may open your eyes now,” the Programs Manager announced to the crowd that formed around me. “Everything is fine. She’s not hurt.”

I faked it. The whole thing.

In a swimming pool full of high schoolers at summer camp, I jumped off the trapeze and didn’t come up when I hit the water…

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Hidden Covet

You would probably not mind

This feeling she still find

The most precise, yet crucial one

One that even time could not defile, and be gone

Moment by moment, day by day

Seems like just one blow away

Will it ever cross the line of reflection?

Or will it drop in to reach rejection?

Who will ever know. But you.

And you alone.