Where the notes lingered on her heart…

It’s been a while since I’ve visited my blog. XD

I have (heeheehee) an announcement:

To all my fellow-Filipino friends/readers/bloggers and to all who can understand Filipino language…

Please check out and read my story made and dedicated to… ehem… I decided to write a story because I was somehow deeply moved to make one. ^ ^

Imagehere’s the bookcover I made from the bottom of my heart. XD

This story is still ongoing…

Sa pagsayaw ng kanyang mga daliri sa parihabang instrumento, nabighani ang dalaga sa tamis ng tunog.

Isang 3rd year highschool student na naranasang ma-inlove sa unang pagkakataon. Marami siyang natuklasan. Marami siyang natutunan. Marami siyang napatunayan. Kasabay din ba nito ang una niyang kabiguan? Sabayan si Ally sa musika ng kanyang buhay at kilalanin ang kanyang first and…last love?

© 2012


Hidden Covet

You would probably not mind

This feeling she still find

The most precise, yet crucial one

One that even time could not defile, and be gone

Moment by moment, day by day

Seems like just one blow away

Will it ever cross the line of reflection?

Or will it drop in to reach rejection?

Who will ever know. But you.

And you alone.

Minam, why is your heart pounding?

Just finished watching the episode five of You’re Beautiful. And I just love how the ending went on. : ) While viewing the entire ep, I printscreened some of the scenes so I can post them here.


Taekyung’s reaction when he saw Minam dressed up as a girl. ^ ^


Taekyung decided that Minam should go back to their apartment and not to have the interviews since (according to him — haha) she can’t focus now because of the news she found about her mom. And so, he made her get dressed by their stylist so no one will notice her when she get out of the place.


And just like every story has, there’s that antagonist making things undeniably worse and cool. Haha (that’s Mr. Kim, reporter).


Jeremy made Minam watch their first variety show the three ever showed up.

Archangels. It’s the meaning of A.N.Jell.


Taekyung got in an awkward situation where Minam laughed so hard when she watched him do the thing. Hahaha.

Give me the radish.


Who are you giving your hands to when I’m not looking?


And that scene where Jeremy almost fell down but thanks to Minam’s save-hug and he didn’t. Now he kept on thinking about that hug, and really feels weird about it. ôヮô


How cute and all are they spending the day together. :3


While, here’s Shinwoo, left behind. He was supposed to be with Minam. : (


Funny when he persistently told her that there isn’t only one ice cream shop in the place that’s why they’re not lost (but they’re actually lost — continually stopping by that yummy shop).

Someone said, when you really want something, you will get it.

Minam was like “what?” when he said that. Then Taekyung added, “So just trust and follow me.” XD

But they finally found the place. Whew.


And for the very first time, Taekyung made that smile to Minam. ≧◡≦


She can’t determine why in the morning glow was her heart pounding oddly.

Why is my heart pounding? Is it because I walked a lot?


Minam’s got to transfer to Taekyung’s room. Because her aunt needs a room by herself since she’s a woman and since she does not know anything about the situation. And Manager Ma reminded Minam that if Taekyung made that eyes again (the one on the photo Mngr. Ma’s imitating — haha), she has no choice but to use…


This. This electrifying thing. Hahaha. Funny Mngr. Ma. 〃^∇^)ノ


As for the ending of the episode, Minam electrified herself by accident. And slept on Taekyung without him noticing. Cute. ≧◡≦

So, Go Mi Nam, tell me exactly why your heart is pounding that unusual feeling?

It’s G-DAY! ❤

Yep! Today’s August 18. The birth day of no other than the Kwon Leader of BIGBANG!


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Fighting Oppa! I wish and pray that you’ll stay in good health and in good hands of the Almighty. Keep music in your life. Happy 24th bday! Go on and blow your candles~ God bless.

Saranghae (>‿♥)